Dr. Murad Skincare


Dr. Howard Murad is a Board-certified Dermatologist who has treated thousands of patients. In 1989, he founded MURAD SKINCARE, America’s first modern clinical doctor’s brand, to share innovative formulas and a revolutionary Inclusive Health ® system that helps patients resolve their skin concerns more rapidly. Today, MURAD SKINCARE is recognised as an institution that helps people discover a path to their personal best - MURAD is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle that allows people to look and feel BETTER EVERY DAY.®
Inclusive Health is a revolutionary approach to care created by Dr. Murad that achieves whole body restoration all the way down to the cellular level. Inclusive Health protects and promotes total wellness through a 3-pronged approach:

LOOKING BETTER through Topical Skincare, LIVING BETTER THROUGH cell-building nutrition and FEELING BETTER by managing CULTURAL STRESS.


DR. MURAD offers high performance products with scientifically-proven formulas built upon a foundation that includes three key groups of ingredients:



Preventing water loss, attracting water to the skin and repairing the skin barrier



Calming irritated skin, reducing redness and inhibiting damage to cells in the skin barrier



Neutralizing free radical activity, strengthening and optimizing skin’s natural defenses, toning and clarifying


DR. MURAD offers effective, targeted solutions that provide continual improvement of health for rapid resolution of every skin concern:



Dr. Murad Skincare



• Acne

• Anti-Aging Acne

• Age Reform ®

• Environmental Shield ®

• Resurgence ®

• Pore Reform ™

• Redness Therapy ®

• Age-Proof Suncare

• Bodycare

• White Brilliance ®

• Murad Man

Dr. Murad Skincare