what is reflexology

What is Reflexology



Pharmacological medicine is not the only answer to health problems. There are a number of other ways that use noninvasive, chemical free techniques to channel the right energy for healing. Reflexology is a part of integrative and complimentary medicine or, as it was used to say, a part of the so called natural medicines (Naturopathy). Reflexology is therapeutic method of relieving pain that uses pressure techniques at specific points to elicit a response in certain organs. Reflexologists, the people who master the art of reflexology, believe that there are certain reflex points all over the body that represent certain organs. They aim to produce a beneficial effect by applying pressure to these specific points.

So, how does it work? How does reflexology help you? The treatment is also known as zone therapy and involves special manipulation of the hand and feet with special oils and lotions. Basically, the practitioners divide the body into ten zones, with 5 on the left and 5 on the right. These zones are linked to particular areas on the feet. The practitioners believe that a disease process is caused due to a blockade of the energy field or Qi and they attempt to relieve it by gentle manipulation of the feet.

Certain conditions, including asthma, heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer can be alleviated by this technique. Practitioners learn the special reflex points that are linked to each organ. For instance, a special point on the arch of the foot corresponds to the bladder. Calibrated pressure applied to this area with the right technique and right amount of time allows the reflexologist to manipulate the bladder environment and hence, heal a number of conditions.

This branch of alternate medicine dates as back as historical Egyptian and Chinese era. It was introduced in the US in 1913 and has been modernised over the years to create an effective branch of medicine that works as an effective, noninvasive treatment for a number of conditions. It acts as a useful adjuvant and can help completely treat a disease, helping you live a healthy life, naturally!